Customer Benefits

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Customer Benefits

Payment Methods

We use Paypal as our main payment gateway. This means you can easily use your paypal account to complete your transactions. It also means you can be secure about using any of the payment mothods available through Paypal via their secure connection.

Quality And Price

We definitely make a big deal about selling our products at a low price compared to the competition, while providing the best quality products. You are welcome to look through our prices and see for yourself.

We encourage you to consider the directions we include in the shipping package, as they are tips to help you get the best out of the products which you have ordered from us. We our glad tp have you as our customer.

Buy Free

All customers who choose to create an account with us will benefit from our Rewards Program. Reward Points have been assigned to all our products. Customers may accumulate enough Reward Points (as they make purchases) to buy any product(s) from our store without using cash.